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Switched on!

Switch Electrical was formed in 2009, beginning life as a single branch, small wholesaler, growing to become one of the UK’s leading independent businesses of its kind operating today.


With 11 branches across East Anglia  and Central England, Switch has stocked Univolt’s cable management products from the outset. Gavin Jones describes the journey and discusses how the two brands have evolved together…


“When my partner, Jason and I launched Switch, we here inevitably looking for support and trust from suppliers/manufacturers such as Univolt in order to get our new venture moving. We’d worked with Univolt in previous roles and approached the guys there and luckily they gave us the opportunity we needed at the time.


“We stocked their core products from the outset including conduit, mini trunking, 3 compartment trunking, conduit boxes and accessories. They offered us strong lines of credit from day one, and that coupled with the excellent service levels guaranteed, gave us the completive edge we needed to help secure new customers.


“As we grew, they grew with us and inevitably became our provider of choice in terms of cable management. We now supply their complete product range across all 11 branches, and as we continue to expand, their products were included as standard in any new branch.


“Univolt service levels are exceptional and other manufacturers to struggle to complete particularly in terms of their next day delivery promise.  They are very flexible and agile and easy to deal with – they are responsive and approachable, all attributes we need when managing so many different brands.


“Our teams share a similar ethos and values and we have a fantastic relationship with them personally – it’s how we like to do business and it’s a healthy and positive way of working.


“Our own expansion continues and we are exploring new opportunities across the regions in which we operate. Univolt will inevitably be stocked in any new branch moving forward and we’re pleased and confident in our assertion that they are the UK’s number one cable management supplier.”



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