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Univolt trunking range sets new standard in safety

Global leader in the development and manufacture of cable management solutions, Dietzel Univolt, has launched its latest three- compartment trunking product range, PVC SLXL LSF.

SLXL is expected to set a new benchmark in cable management specification.

Offering a higher ignition point of up to 15% than standard PVC, the halogens contained within the products are released at a slower rate, therefore, smoke release is also reduced by up to 65% in the first 4 minutes of a fire (when compared to standard PVC dado trunkings).

Steve Davis, Sales Director of Univolt explained: “The SLXL product range has been under development for some time from our headquarters in Austria. Not only does it essentially complete the Univolt range catering for Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat8 and OM3 Fibre Optic cables but it now offers far reaching safety benefits through its slow burning fire resistant properties.”

“This is an important development for us and one which we're particularly excited about. SLXL offers customers something entirely different, combining functionality and aesthetics with safety and durability as well as delivering a future proof cabling solution.

“We are already seeing Cat8 being installed within data centres, delivering 2000MHz bandwidth, representing three times more than Cat 6A. Whilst we don’t envisage this having any major impact on the commercial market for the next 12 months, this product essentially future proofs any cable containment system.”

A complete solution, including moulded flat angles, tees (with built on integral couplers), adjustable internal and external angles, single and twin back boxes (adjustable 30mm-50mm), end caps, joint covers and a conduit/mini trunking adaptor are available via electrical wholesalers across the country.

Steve continued: “We look forward now to pushing SLXL out across the industry and supporting all customers in making the right specification, realising the many benefits that this range has to offer.”

“Safety has and continues to be the most pressing element when approaching any electrical installation. With relatively little price differentiator between PVC and PVC- LSF, and with very few other manufacturers offering this specification, we see this as an easy choice to make.”


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