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Super safe specification

Univolt's premium SLXL PVC- LSF (Lower Smoke and Fume) trunking has been specified by contractors upgrading offices at an MOD base in the South of England.

Specifiers at the site have opted for the safest trunking product available on the market to use throughout the building and have impressed with the quality performance and finish of Univolt’s latest trunking solution.

Dean Hopkinson of Univolt commented: “Specifiers looking at making the safest choice in terms of products can now choose a well-designed, durable and functional product with the option of a light grey centre lid for DDA compliance.

“We have welcomed brilliant feedback from the client who said that the product was easy to install and proved to be a perfect fit with the large amount of Cat 6a structured cabling and OM3 fibre being installed..”

Univolt's latest three-compartment trunking product range, PVC SLXL LSF has undoubtedly set a new benchmark in cable management specification.

Offering a higher ignition point of up to 15% than standard PVC, the halogens contained within the products are released at a slower rate, therefore, smoke release is also reduced by up to 65% in the first 4 minutes of a fire (when compared to standard PVC dado trunkings).


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