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Prevention Pays Off

Are you sure?

Is it LSF0H?

LSF0H - Check to be sure what you get

Not all manufacturers meet international standards and safety requirements when labelling their products LSF0H

Low Smoke (LS)

Smoke caused by burning plastics poses a massive threat to human lives. PVC conduits can never comply with low smoke requirements due to material properties. Only IEC 61034 compliant conduits can be considered "low smoke".

Flame Retardancy (F)

To avoid flame propagation, conduits have to be flame retardant. Halogen-free conduits need specific additives, PVC is genuinely flame retardant. Conduits that comply with IEC 61386 can be labelled "flame retardant".

Zero Halogen (0H)

Halogens are dangerous because they create aggressive gases and fumes in case of fire, even if released in small quantities. PVC contains chlorine and therefore is not halogen-free. Halogen-free plastics have to comply with IEC 60754.


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