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The safest choice down under

The Australian metro system is experiencing its most significant upgrade and transformation since launch in the 1970’s.

All major stations across every state are being modernised, extended, upgraded and redeveloped, majorly improving connectivity for transport users throughout the vast expansive country.

Each state is responsible for its own project including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane with each considered a major civil engineering rail and infrastructure project in its own right. Whilst work is now underway, design and development work has been underway for several years with further work continuing through the coming decade.

Sydney Metro for instance is Australia’s biggest public transport project. Under the current programme, by 2030, Sydney will have a network of four metro lines, 46 stations and 113km of new metro rail. Sydney Metro is revolutionising how Australia’s biggest city travels, connecting Sydney’s north west, west, south west and greater west to fast, reliable turn-up-and-go metro services with fully accessible stations.

Painstaking specification in terms of product and materials has been made for the multiple programme project and Univolt HFT LSFOH conduits and accessories have been selected as the cable management system of choice to house the mammoth cabling systems that will supply power throughout the stations and platforms.

What is HFT?

The safety and protection of lives and the maintenance of operational business are especially important in locations with high concentrations of people and assets.

The plastic materials used by Univolt for the production of HFT installation systems are absolutely free from toxic halogens and offer, therefore, the following decisive advantages over conventional systems:

· no formation of corrosive and acidic gases

· decisively reduced toxicity and no aggressive fumes

· reduced smoke density

· high impact resistance

· high temperature resistance

· HFT Product Range

· Rigid and pliable conduits

Our range of HFT material covers rigid and pliable conduits for versatile use as insulating protection for concealed cabling or surface installations.

The installation of these conduits is especially recommended in buildings with high concentrations of people or assets, such as residential buildings, offices, hospitals, schools and hotels.

HFT is also 100% recyclable

Protective Conduits

The major advantages of Univolt protective conduits are the low weight and the simple installation method complimented by a full range of associated accessories.

As rustless protection for cables and conductors their field of applications ranges from engine and machine-tool manufacturing, waggon construction, industrial and out-door installations to radio and telecommunication technology, cooling systems, and energy or control systems for various machines.

David Mattin of Univolt explained: “Univolt HFT “is the original and indeed the only plastic conduit solution that can guarantee the safety credentials that it claims. Whilst others have tried to emulate, our rigorous testing, development and certification process along with our standing patent has meant that these are mere copies, to guarantee safety, the Univolt HFT specification is the only credible choice."

Univolt has partnered with Conduit Connections, a leading Australian distributor to supply the materials to various contractors involved in the schemes. One of the country’s longest established and highly regarded distributors, Conduit Connections is the ideal partner for Univolt.

David continued: “We have sadly seen a number of major catastrophes in enclosed spaces, such as the underground in the UK, how quickly fire can spread and the impact that that has had in terms of loss of life. We cannot allow this to happen again and that’s why the specification of products that minimise risk with built in protection is essential.

“To see our HFT range selected as part of this massive project is incredibly rewarding and reinforces the important position this has in the market place - opening HFT up to a global audience is an important development within our niche corner of the market place. We believe that our involvement in this will undoubtedly raise awareness of this product range and raise awareness within both public and private sector workplaces."


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